When Will They SeeI have a friend of the family, a brother in-law that had his life entrusted into 5 kids, these kids have a gun, and its pointed some place god knows, that life and death start all the same, our choice to get in a car, and take the point even the cognition to relevance of how we transpire our reaper, we become the death that controls a human beings life, they we’re willing to pull that trigger, when they took this fire arm, loaded/unloaded/pointed/and finger on the trigger I don’t know who they were, and why they did it, But this is a hard working, and brilliant person, who has only showed love for me joining their family. How dare they do this, and endagering a capital citizen, this blow to society only marks how low rocks and pebbles tear the tiers of our lives and shamble, If I was held a gunpoint, its likely I would burst into tears somehow, or angrily thrash at my steering wheel as I try to push them away my property and away from harm befouling myself, this is just wrong, We are people not animals, and justice isn’t serviced with guns, we court each-other respectfully, not demand service with a firearm, that is something nations at war have done, and isn’t it time to rekindle our peace, not administrate arms to unworthy citizens of martial uprising I don’t know whom to vote for, but likewise someone should be put behind bars Trump and Clinton, what would they say to this subject is it even worth their time.


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